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Bullying Prevention-Student education
Mental & Emotional Health
Nutrition & Physical Activity
Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drugs Prevention
Targeted Behavioral Intervention-Bullying
K-12 Staff Development-Bullying Prevention
Safety & Injury Prevention
Grade Level
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
Key Words
Sexual Harassment
Managing Emotions
Peer Pressure
Decision Making
Goal Setting
Drugs & Alcohol
Analyzing Influences
Risk Taking
Body Positivity
Effective Communication
Healthy Relationships
Pedestrian Safety

Act Now! Kindergarten

Begins 08/01/2021

Students learn about friendship, feelings and the basics of bullying, including how to recognize it, the difference between tattling and telling, and ways people might be different from one another. + Learn More

Act Now! Staff Training

Begins 08/01/2021

School staff will work to create a bully-free school by analyzing school climate and creating a unified plan to address bullying in their school community. Training is led by a school champion. + Learn More

Healthy Minds 3rd Grade

Begins 08/01/2021

Students learn about what makes a healthy mind, including recognizing feelings, connecting with others, being active, getting enough sleep, communicating effectively, and setting goals. + Learn More

Healthy Minds 4th Grade

Begins 08/01/2021

Fourth graders learn about what makes a healthy mind, including expressing and dealing with feelings, managing stress, practicing mindfulness, communicating effectively, and setting goals. + Learn More

Healthy Minds 5th Grade

Begins 08/01/2021

Students learn what makes a healthy mind, how to deal with feelings and interpersonal conflict, how to support others, how and when to ask for help, and how to communicate effectively and set goals. + Learn More

Healthy Minds Kindergarten

Begins 12/28/2021

Students learn how to recognize and identify basic feelings and emotions, manage their feelings, and show respect and care and concern for themselves and others. + Learn More


Students learn facts about drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, and marijuana, their effects on the body, and how to resist peer pressure, make decisions, and set goals to stay drug free. + Learn More

It's UR Choice 6th Grade

Begins 08/01/2021

Sixth graders learn about the most commonly abused drugs, what they do to the body, how they can lead to addiction, and important life skills that can help them stay drug free. + Learn More


Students navigate through a virtual town, learning important drug and prevention concepts as they make choices and see the effects and consequences of using the most commonly abused drugs. + Learn More

Mission: Health 1st Grade

Begins 08/01/2021

This course teaches students about eating right and getting proper exercise, how food equals fuel, what goals are, and how to use MyPlate and the Activity Pyramid to stay healthy. + Learn More

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