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Children's Wisconsin e-Learning Registration Center

Welcome to the Children's Wisconsin e-Learning Registration Center. Here you will find a catalog of our K-12 e-learning health education courses. You will also be able to create an account, enroll your students in the courses you have selected, and have immediate access to your courses in the Learning Management System (LMS).

Featured Courses

Healthy Minds Kindergarten  •  Healthy Minds 3rd Grade  •  Healthy Minds 4th Grade  •  Healthy Minds 5th Grade  •  Healthy Minds 6th Grade

The need for mental health services is increasing as Wisconsin kids and teens are hospitalized for mental health conditions at more than four times the national rate. That's why Children's Wisconsin developed Healthy Minds, e-learning courses that teach students how to recognize their feelings and connect with others. The courses provide an interactive, engaging look at what makes a healthy mind, and introduce the skills needed to help students lead healthy lives, including setting goals, communicating effectively, and managing stress.

It's Your Choice - Analyzing Influences 7th Grade

This all-new, innovative skills-based course teaches students the skill of analyzing influences alongside concepts related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs prevention to help them learn how to make positive health decisions. Students learn about the different types of influences in their lives, and are given the opportunity to practice analyzing them in different real-life scenarios and determine what influences had an impact on various health decisions.